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Adoption Application

All our adoptable Greyhounds are up to date on shots, are on heart worm preventative, flea and tick control, and have been spayed

or neutered.

Past Adoptions

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Please read below for information on our adoption process!
SE’s Fast Feet               Name:  Norma		Birthdate: July 22, 2015    Gender: Female		Color: Red    Size:  58#			Cat Safe:  Yes    Notes: Norma is a small loving girl. To learn more     about Norma, email her foster parent,  Laura or    call 1-877-278-2194.

Adoption Process

Our application/adoption process can take up to 4 weeks to complete. GRoNY takes the adoption

process seriously. Adopting a Greyhound is a life commitment and we make sure each Greyhound

is paired with the correct family.  Please be patient with us as we are all volunteers that work full

time in addition to running the rescue.

Numbers 1 and 2 of the adoption process below can be completed out of order; meaning that

number 2 can be completed before number 1. We encourage our adopters to visit a few clinics

before choosing a Greyhound, but it’s not mandatory to attend more than one clinic.

1.  Attend GRoNY clinic and meet with at least two board members and the Greyhound you are

interested in. Each Greyhound has his/her own personality and may not be suited to your family.

We strive to pair up a Greyhound with the perfect family to make sure the adoption process goes


2.  Fill out the Adoption Application and email the completed application to or to the foster parent for the Greyhound you are

interested in or you can drop it off at an adoption clinic. Foster parent emails can be found on our

website on the adoption page. Please note that GRoNY calls all

references and your Veterinarian. This process can take up to a week or more to complete

depending on the situation.

3.  The foster parent of the Greyhound you are interested in will contact you to let you know if

your application has been approved or denied.

4.  The foster parent will set up a home visit to see how the Greyhound does in your home.  This is

typically a short hour or two visit with two board members.

5.  The adoption takes place typically on a Friday night or Saturday morning so the Greyhound has

time to adjust before you go to back to work. If one member of the family is home all day the

adoption can take place on a week night. Please note that GRoNY has the right at any time to

repossess a Greyhound for any reason and without notice. GRoNY will repossess a Greyhound if

we deem the Greyhound is not in a safe environment or is not being care for properly. We take the

care of all our Greyhounds seriously before and after the adoption process. 

6.  Love your Greyhound for life!!

Our adoption area is  approximately a

hour drive from Clifton Park, NY.  From

Lake George to Catskill and Canajoharie to

Hoosick Falls.  Adoptions are possible

outside of this area on a case by case


Adoption Application

If you are out of our adoption area

please visit The Greyhound Project to

find a Greyhound Adoption Agency in

your area.

Triggerpoint Ash               Name:  Olivia		Birthdate: July 4, 2017    Gender: Female		Color: Brindle    Size:  57#			Cat Safe:  Workable    Notes: Olivia is a small loving girl. To learn more     about Olivia, email her foster parent,  Doreen or    call 1-877-278-2194. CRV’s Am Here                Name:  CRV’s Am Here	Birthdate: May 8, 2016    Gender: Female		Color: Black and White    Size:  56#			Cat Safe:  Needs testing    Notes: To learn more about CRV’s Am Here, email her      foster parent, Paula or call 1-877-278-2194. Funshine Bear               Name: Funshine Bear	Birthdate: April 29, 2016    Gender: Female		Color: Red Fawn     Size:  62#			Cat Safe:  Needs testing    Notes: To learn more about Funshine Bear, email her      foster parent, Paula or call 1-877-278-2194.